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Why I like to fly planes

Flying is expensive, flying is noisy, and it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.  Flying small planes often isn’t terribly practical either (most times, you’ll fly for cheaper paying an airline to do it for you).  But the best reason to fly can be summed up in a few photos, scenes you’ll never otherwise see from the ground or from the cramped window of a jetliner cruising at 500 MPH at 36,000 feet.  It’s also one of the few places where you are in complete control and any other distraction is minor in comparison with what you are doing at that moment.  In a world of multi-tasking, emails, cell phones, and an infinite number of distractions, having an activity which focuses all of your energy in an environment in which you are in complete control, and with superb scenery all around, is wonderful.  And despite the roaring of the engine, it’s actually quite peaceful.  That’s why I fly.

All of the photos below were taken on Cape Cod.
Tidal flats in Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod, MA
Tidal Flats in Barnstable Harbor

Race Point Lighthouse, Provincetown, MA
Race Point Lighthouse off of Provincetown (the very tip of the Cape!)

Woods Hole, MA
Woods Hole

Flying over the islands off the coast of Woods Hole, MA
Naushon Islands (off of Woods Hole)

Final approach to Runway 24 at Hyannis, MA
Final approach, fasten your seat belts!