I am currently living in San Carlos, CA, just south of San Francisco, and working at Stanford University in the Digital Library Systems and Services group as a Product Manager and engineer.

I’ve also recently worked on various projects with Visionlearning, the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, MA, Harvard University, and the Advent of Complex Life NASA Astrobiology team.  I worked for several years on the Encyclopedia of Life project, and have previously worked as a software engineer, project manager, high school teacher, and NASA researcher.

I enjoy hiking, biking, and flying small planes.  My professional interests lie in how the science community can become better connected with the public through improved public outreach and education.  Since most funding is from public sources, the science community has a large vested interest in engaging in this type of activity.  And since the future of our planet depends on appropriate uses of science and technology, the public needs to be informed and become a greater part of the process. Technology such as social media provides opportunities to improve these interactions and reduce the importance of the traditional industries in the middle.

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Note that this is a personal blog and does not necessarily express the opinions of any projects Peter is working on or associated with.

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